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Help Find A Cure


Project To Cure was founded in 2004 by Charles and Andrea Hirsch with the support of their family and friends. It is a grassroots organization that operates under the Northwell Health System Foundation. Four years after their son’s recovery at Cohen Children's Medical Center from a benign pituitary brain tumor the Hirsch’s were interested in finding a means to give back to the facility that cured their son. They were approached by their surgeon and asked if they were interested in raising funds to support a novel line of research that targeted cancerous brain tumors.

Researching To Find A Cure

Alex Hirsch was fortunate in that he was diagnosed with a benign tumor for which there was an established protocol used to treat his diagnosis. Unfortunately, with cancerous tumors and their aggressive nature, the protocols are not fully established and the percentage of patients who survive many of these tumors is very low. The Hirsch’s gladly accepted the offer to support this new research in the hopes to give each child diagnosed with a tumor an equal chance to survive and lead a full and healthy life.


With the help of the Feinstein Institute, Dr. Marc Symons, and the Northwell Health System, Project To Cure was able to fund pediatric brain cancer research. Over the past 16 years, we have raised over $1.65 million dollars, and have helped develop a clinical trial to aid in reducing the tumors.


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