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About Our Lab

Our research lab, located in the Feinstein Institute in Manhasset New York, is over 3,000 square feet of test tubes, microscopes, centrifuges, and autoclaves. The lab also houses the only cryogenic brain tumor freezer in the northeast. This freezer is kept at -45 degrees Fahrenheit and houses pediatric cancerous tumors that were removed by surgeons across the country, and then shipped to our lab for further testing.

With our team of eight lab technicians with 11 Ph.D.’s, they are constantly testing drugs and procedures on cancerous tumors to try and find a way to make radiation therapy more affected, and not having to perform surgical procedures.

Currently, the lab is undergoing two clinical trials with patients in the Cohen Children’s Medical Center in New York. The lab has found a way to adjust Mebendazole, a drug that’s used to treat worm infections, to weaken the cancerous cells, making them more susceptible to radiation treatment.

Take a look at the video below to see how our work can someday help people with cancerous brain tumors:

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