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Meet The Researcher Behind Our Growth

Dr. Marc Symons has been working in the cancer research industry for the last 33 years. In 1980, he received a PhD in biophysics in 1980 from the Brussels Free University. After starting his career at the the Weizmann Institute in Israel, he founded his own business called Onyx Pharmaceuticals. There, he discovered how the Rho family played major roles in cancer development, which lead him to start working with the Northwell Health Foundation (formerly North Shore LIJ).

Dr. Symons research has been focused on targeting macrophages in brain tumors and other cancerous tumors. With his years of dedication and research in the Feinstein Institute at Northwell, he began experimenting with the radiosensitization of medulloblastoma tumors. This process is helps treat patients with medulloblastomas by reducing the long-term side effects of radiotherapy in children. Alongside his team of seven lab technicians, he has been able to start 2 clinical trials.

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